CIVB in the service of producers and consumers

Bresse chicken is an exceptional poultry and deserves the best! It is presented
with humility and passion by the CIVB (Comité Interprofessionnel de la Volaille
de Bresse), the Interprofessional Committee of Bresse Poultry. This committee
was created in 1957 when Bresse chicken was awarded the AOC
(Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée), the registered designation of origin.

The CIVB is chaired by chef Georges Blanc, a dedicated ambassador and
creator of high-end French gastronomy recipes.

The CIVB represents the whole industry of Bresse poultry and defends its
interests. It also guarantees the highest levels of standard for fresh products
and an exceptional taste.

The CIVB also provides official and reliable information to consumers and
media. It also ensures the continuation of the trade of Bresse poultry by giving
regular training to both current and future breeders.

The CIVB is your privileged source of information – do not hesitate to contact
us through this website. We look forward to hearing from you!