Bresse Poultry are bred with care!

Free and healthy, Bresse Poultry benefit from breeding conditions that contribute to their maturing and grant them the flavourful taste of constant quality.

The criteria of the AOP guarantees a traditional breeding requiring knowledge that takes into account the wellbeing of the animals. The breeders strictly follow the Bresse Poultry in each stage, from the reception of the chicks coming from the Selection Centre to the final stage in the wooden cage. They watch over their poultry at all times and select them one by one according to their maturity.

Bresse Poultry all have at least 10 m2 each of generous grazing, rich in earthworms and insects to satisfy their hunting instinct. Their abode is spacious as their coops can only have 12 chickens per square meter maximum.

During slaughter, poultry first receives an electric shock that anaesthetises it. Then, it is bled, plucked and carefully disembowelled.

Everything is done in the name of supplying a good product and guaranteeing a flavourful, refined and unique poultry!