4 types of Bresse Poultry to discover and to enjoy

All four types of Bresse Poultry have unique marks of nobility. To guarantee their origin, they wear a ring with the name of the breeder, a seal, and a label. They are all fed with a diet consisting of cereals and milk (skimmed, buttermilk, etc.).

The Bresse Chicken is the most famous by far. Firm and flavourful, it is bred for 4 months in a meadow. Part of the Gauloise Blanche de Bresse, it can either be male of female and weighs at least 1.3 kg. Once you tried it, you will want more!

The Bresse Poulard is bred for 5 months. It is more plump – at least 1.8 kg – but equally flavourful to the Bresse Chicken. The Poulard has a tender and juicy meat, and a thin and pearly white skin. The Bresse Poulard is not to be missed!

The Bresse Turkey is accurately called the black pearl of Bresse. Reaching maturity in December, it is a dish of choice for big meals at Christmas time. It weighs at least 3 kg after 7 months of breeding in the Bresse meadows. The Bresse Turkey gained the AOC in 1976.

The Bresse Capon is simply exquisite! That is because it needs 8 months in the green meadows to grow and to become the beautiful bird it is. Most importantly, the fattening period lasts 4 weeks. It is during this period that it acquires the tenderness of its meat. It weighs at least 3 kg.

Four types of poultry, four varieties from the same traditional expertise for everybody’s enjoyment !