Bresse Poultry, the only poultry with the European protected designation of origin

The European protected designation of origin (AOP – Appellation d’Origine Protégée) distinguishes the Bresse Poultry at the European level. But first of all, in 1957, the registered designation of origin (AOC – Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) marked a turning point in its history. It is the result of a long battle to gain official recognition. This includes specifics of the White Bresse Gauloise (la Gauloise Blanche de Bresse), the geographically defined area and the traditional expertise.

Bresse Poultry
They have an entirely white plumage, including the long feathers on the neck and the breast.
Their legs are blue and completely smooth. Their single comb is bight red and jagged.
The wattles, the fleshy lobes hanging from the beak, are red too. On each side of the head, the ear lobes are white or speckled with red.
The skin and flesh are very white.

The meadows
Bresse Poultry has plenty of space! They have a minimum of 10 m2 of lush grass meadow and a spacious henhouse, with a maximum of 12 chickens per square meter.

For a flavourful meat, chickens need a rich and balanced diet! On the menu for chickens, poulards, turkeys and capons, you will find cereals, wheat and corn that are produced in the area and GMO-free, and plenty of dairy products! But these poultry scavenge a third of their food by themselves. They are tireless hunters who eat earthworms, insects and grass. During the final stage, they stay for a minimum of 10 days in a wooden cage, an épinette, where they can eat as much cereals as they want.

The only poultry to have a designation of origin, Bresse Poultry is a delicious dish that is easy to cook and with guaranteed flavour! Bon appétit!